Principal's Message

Julie Prestsater
Dear AEC Families and Students,
We are just one quarter away from the end of the school year and GRADUATION DAY! I encourage students to finish strong by putting in the time and effort needed to successfully cross the finish line.
Upon our return from Spring Break, the entire Alternative Education Center will embark on testing season, so please review the upcoming schedule of assessments. Our teachers and students have been working thoroughly to prepare for state tests which will be administered to measure the achievement of all juniors in the subjects of mathematics and English, while seniors will be assessed in science. Students are prepared, and they are ready. We’re very proud!
This year, I have learned so much from each and every one of you and I have truly enjoyed every minute. Our work is not done, though. Parents: continually check your student’s progress online, or call, email, or stop by so we can chat about what’s happening at the AEC. Students: attend classes regularly, be on time, and be ready and willing to work. And don’t forget to ask questions, ask for help… not only about academics, but for anything we can provide you support. We are here for you! We care you!
Graduating seniors & families, please check your email often so you do not miss important graduation announcements.
Let’s continue to champion the remainder of the school year together.
Mrs. Prestsater
CAASPP Testing at the AEC
1. Chaffey District Online
    April 5, 8, 12
2. Valley View, CDS, CSOP
    April 9-11, 17-18
3. Make-Ups
    April 19-26